Managing the calendar

It allows you as a seller to show whether your store is currently open or closed. If it’s closed, all products will NOT be hidden from the storefront and search results. Customers will be able to place an orders. A note will be displayed below the company logo and next to Add to cart button.

The "Allow sale on weekend:" & "Allow sale during non-working hours:" settings available for vendors. These settings allow vendors to make products available and unavailable for sale during non-working hours and on weekends.

  • Vendors can set their days off using a nice calendar in the vendor panel.

  • Sellers can also set opening time and closing time of their store.

  • Click on the vendor name and open the Business hours tab.
  • And select the dates when your shop will be unavailable.

By selecting Unlimited vacation option, products on the vendor’s storefront will get unavailable for an unlimited period of time.

The vendor can also set opening hours for their store by using The store opens at and The store closes at settings.


The time and dates are set in accordance with the vendor’s time zone.